Update 3: A report from one of our Artists

It is two days before one of our very big shows at the Delhi Flying Club. Then next week we will be performing at the Kamani Auditorium.

This update is a report from one our artists. Deepali Bhaat she is 16 years old.

I am very happy with this project, because this is like a dream project for everyone. I don’t think before this project anyone know about aerial things, maybe just know about it; but can’t use it. When I came for the first time to the class and I see the silk, I will be scared because I don’t know what can I do on it, even I don’t know how to climb on it. But now everyone do very well on tissu. I like the spinning web very much in aerial things, but I can’t do that but I wish that one day I also want to do that.

I am very proud of my group. This is the best group I have ever seen because in this group everyone know each others’ feelings, and they help each other and there is something that I feel from my heart-

In the flower, my rose is my group

In the diamond, my khohinoor (best diamond) is my group

In the sky, my moon is my group

I am just body, my heart is my group

That is why I never forget this group.

And we already do three shows and they are success and everybody like it, before show everybody was nervous when the show start they just do what they have to do even when we do the show everyone forget everything going on in their mind. They just focus and concentrate what they have to do in the show.

I know they are talking very much and everyone from outside thinks that they are not doing anything, but when they all are on stage they set the stage on fire and that’s true. We have four shows left and I am very excited for that. I always wanted to dance in a show and now I am so I am very happy and I am doing my best.

In rehearsals I always separate with my best friend because when I am doing trapeze she is doing clowning. When I am doing dance she is with Carly, but we know after this we are together. When we need something we always have to loose something.

Before sleeping I always remember today happening with me, like in which act I am inside, in which place I am helping. If I am in dancing so I just remind my steps in my mind. I really like to do the trapeze because in trapeze I am with my two friends. Sometimes it is painful but I like the pain very much.

I really like to go in rehearsals because now its like family. If I miss some class I feel very bad. When I wake up the first thing on my mind is that I have to finish my housework quickly because I have to go for the class.

I am worried only one thing that after 29th of March the last show that happens with this group maybe we are together or not. I don’t want that after that show the group will be separate because we are doing a lot of effort to make this group. I just want after 29th much everything be the same.

I hope our colony people see the show at Kamani. And that they can’t believe what we are doing and they can’t believe that we are from our colony. And they will be proud of us. And then they know that we are not wasting our time. A lot of people say: “what are you get from here? u r just wasting your time.” They also say this to our parents. But we say to our parents just trust on us. We prove you that we are not wasting our time. I also thankful to my parents for trusting us. And I wish after Kamani show we prove to everyone who think we are wasting our time that we are not wasting our time.

After 29th of March Catherine, John, Carly and Jair has to go but I don’t think about it because I know one day they have to leave from here but when I think about it I feel very bad and some tears in my eyes because I don’t want them to go.

I am very thankful to them because they teach us such nice things this project is possible because of them. Then we will continue this class because they teach us like this that we do this training by our own self.

 Thank you!