Update 4: Our final show!

Circus with Spice has been an amazing experience for everyone involved. I have  enjoyed the energy, exuberance, joy and talent of the cast. They have enjoyed learning many new skills and also fusing them with their traditional forms. Jair has given great clowning workshops which culminated in a clowning scene in the show, a scene in which Carly also performed – she is very funny. 

Penny did a great job with Naresh Kapoori in lighting the show. John ran between the projector and his camera. Vikram is in Holland furthering his chorographic training and everyone enjoys the piece he choreographed, with Carly dancing and interacting with a large puppet, made by the cast under Rahul’s guidance.

We decided to purchase an extra 70 metres of rope which meant all the equipment could hang form the 13 metre high support beams at the Kamani Auditorium and I didn’t have to rig during the show as I had done in Kenya. I happily sat in the front row enjoying a great evening of entertainment. 

I also enjoyed working with the team from the Australian High Commission in New Delhi and the team from the Kalakar Trust who together ensured we had ample media coverage to pack out both shows 642 seats at the Kamani Auditorium and 400 audience at the Flying Club New Delhi.

My pick of the press coverage is the following from journalist Dabesh from the Indian express

We have already performed at the Kung Fu Nuns event last Saturday in New Delhi. Which was a fun festival celebrating women empowerment. We shared the stage with 80 nuns from Ladakh, who among many other things are trained in Kung Fu. It was wonderful day and I was honoured to shake His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa’s hand after the performance. He is a very high level Buddhist holy man and I certainly felt a very positive energy emanating from him and his handshake.

This weekend we will perform at the cast’s home the Kathputhli Colony, which will be a great chance for the people in their community, who couldn’t attend the shows, to see what they have learnt.

Next weekend we will be the feature acts at the Delhi Commonwealth Women’s Association Fundraiser Ball. Along with Mary Weir and Sam from Australia and New Zealand who will also offer some workshops to the cast next week.

We have handed over the managing of the group; which has named itself Aakashan (which means ‘sky’ or ‘to the sky’ or ‘reaching to the sky’), to the two captains Maya and Rakesh. Currently we are mentoring them in management skills, and are confident they will ensure the sustainability of the Circus with Spice project, along with the rest of the group and the Kalakar Trust.

I am sad that it is all coming to an end. Officially the project is finished; we are running a few extra workshops and enjoyed celebrating holi, the festival of colour with the cast. 

We will send through other footage and photos as they become available.

Thank You all our supporters for making this life changing experience possible. For Vertical Circus to partner with the Kalakar Trust. We have really effected the lives of many young people, as they have effected us. Our cast have very little in a financial sense but are so rich in their talents and hearts.