Update number Two: New Delhi Sunday 9th of February

What a week it has been! Last Sunday we put in the aerial rigging points at the American Embassy School, 10 metres high in the air. Fortunately the school has a “genie” or scissor lift, which basically means our job was made much easier and a lot of fun. Five members of the cast also enjoyed going to new heights. They are Maya Pawar, Deepali Bhaat, Lakhan Pawar, Jyoti Bhatt, Rakesh Bhatt. The Pawars are siblings; many people, whom we are working with have the last name Bhatt. Jair Ramirez also joined us on this day.

On Wednesday we premiered our show “Attraction” at the American Embassy School. Every student attended one of the two performances that day. They really enjoyed the larger than life puppets, the trapeze routine, the Spanish web and the scary people on stilts.

One young child said “this is so scary; this is really scary, this is so cool!”

By Friday we were at our next venue the Kalakar Trust theatre, a beautiful open air theatre with our purpose built outdoor aerial rig.

Saturday saw our third performance of the season to 1500 people from the surrounding villages. They were very impressed with the cast’s aerial artistry and contemporary dance.

Welcome to Jair Ramirez.

Jair first volunteered with Vertical Circus in Nairobi in the year 2011. He was already teaching silk with our local partner The Sarakasi Trust in Nairobi and with the Vertical Circus project he brought theatrical training to our artists. We have remained in email contact; and upon hearing about our project in India, he decided to join us once more. We are truly enjoying Jair’s daily spontaneous clowning workshops which seem to take place anywhere and everywhere, including the Delhi metro.

Thank You to all of you; our supporters, without you we would not be able to provide such life changing training and experiences.