Update: Show Success!

The last few weeks since opening night have flown by, particularly due to the fact that we had extra show bookings. Hurrah!

See photos of the show HERE!

Opening  night of the “Safari Njema (safe journey) Circus Show” on the 31st of January at the Saraksai Dome to a sold out crowd of 180 people, was a huge success. This show was focused on community building and assisting networking opportunities in the Nairobi arts scene. Mighty Jambo’s Circus Academy attended, along with choreographers and directors form Ghetto Exposed as well as members of Nafsi acrobats, Kenya. Visiting Danish artists also viewed the show and we have held promising talks of working together in the future. Parents and friends of the participants were well represented in the audience, the sponsors of our three younger cast members were most impressed with their performance and had no idea that these talented young men were capable of what and how they performed that night.

On the 2nd of January, eight of the Pale Juu cast members performed at the postponed Australia Day BBQ for the Australian High Commission, Nairobi. For the first time I heard them say “Nimeshiba”, “I am full”. Nothing like an Australian BBQ to achieve the almost impossible.

On the 3rd of January we performed at the Breaburn Theatre in Nairobi to an audience of 409, turning away 60 disappointed people and placing a sign on the carpark gate “SOLD OUT”. I spent, 9 hours, 12 metres above the ground on the rigging catwalk with our helpers Moses, Francis and D’Costa.

John was outside dealing with the crowd, including mothers saying “Me and my baby are going to see that circus show, I am on that list I am FIRST on that waiting list!” A big Thank You to the Hospital Project clowns who were funny in their pre-show entertainment. The “Safari Njema Circus Show” was very well received, and many people, who had seen last year’s show, commented on the improvement of the cast and the production as a whole.

So popular was the show that the German Primary School booked us for their “Carnival” celebrations on the 12th of February. Rigged from a beautiful big tree, The “Safari Njema Circus Show” performed to 170 children and 40 adults in the grounds of the German School, Nairobi. Personally, I felt the performers really shone on this day. They were so entertaining that even the 4 year old children remained attentive for our shortened 45 minute show.

The last performance, to date, was in an audition context for the Butlins hotel chain in the UK, at the request of Sarkasi Trust’s Managing Director, Marion Van Djick.

Once again we are leaving equipment for the artists to continue training, passing on their skills and performing to earn an income. We have also donated costumes to the Sarkasi Trust for continued use. Thank You to all our supporters who made these donations possible.

We are very excited to announce that two women from The Mighty Jambo’s Circus academy, also cast members of the “Safari Njema Circus Show” are travelling tomorrow to Spain to perform their aerial silk act choreographed and performed in the Pale Juu project.

Finally, we have appointed Juma Mwajora, one of the Pale Juu cast, as our operations manager for Vertical Circus in Nairobi. We are assured of his competence and commitment, having assisted him to manage jobs in the past. Last week he managed his first job completely on his own. Juma and 7 other Pale Juu cast performed over 2 days in Eldoret as part of peace workshops for Peace Net Germany, in context of the up coming elections. You can inspire him at

We are very proud of all our cast and know that the seeds we have planted, with your help, in the Pale Juu projects will continue to grow, blossom and be harvested well into the future.

Stay tuned for the release of our project documentary. For those who have received T-Shirts, best to hand wash or reseal the print again with ironing and grease proof paper.

Peace, love and circus,