Pale Juu NeXt: Show Rehearsals!

I am sitting in the Sarakasi Dome our rehearsal, training and opening night performance venue. As I am writing our dance choreographer, Gabriel Simbine is working with our musician Charleti Obuya to create the celebratory African Dance scene in our peace show.  I have taken the back seat as neither African dance nor drumming are my areas of expertise; but essential for the show which gives our young people the chance to voice their stories and opinions.

See photos of the rehearsals here.

Gabriel is a very talented and passionate dancer, choreographer and artist. A former football player, he has a jump that the rest of us can only dream about. He is Mozambican and in Kenya on exchange, at the Sarakasi Trust through the Fredskorpset program, Norway.

It is a very busy time in the Pale Juu NeXt project we have 13 rehearsal days left until opening night. John Nyagah is busy creating posters and programs as well as ensuring that our shows, like last year, will be sold out. For those of you who have ordered T-Shirts, John is currently designing them and they will come in pink, green, blue and black.

Penny has fit right in and feels vey welcomed by the Sarakasi family. We are currently discussing all the technical specifications and lighting requirements for the show. Penny was also so kind as to transport two brand new aerial silks, which are blue and feature in our photos for this update. Silks which will be donated from Vertical Circus to the Sarakasi Trust.

Next week Pale Juu will go on excursion to Arboretum Park for group work exercises and then to the swimming pool for something a little different and a unique experience for our artists.

We wish you all a Happy New Year with much joy, success and of course circus!