About Kenya

Kenya is a beautiful country with vibrant spirited people and wonderful nature. The equator runs through Kenya not far from it’s highest point Mt. Kenya, where equatorial snow lies all year round. Kenya has a population of 41.5 million people. It’s capital is Nairobi with 3.2 million people and growing everyday as people, particularly young people, leave their home villages and towns in search of work in the capital.

Employment prospects are minimal in Kenya particularly for the poor. The poor live in informal housing such as slums and ghettos, sharing a small room between 2 parents and approximately 3 or 4 children. This sleeping room also functions as the living room during the day. Poorer people “hustle” for a minimal income, selling bananas in the traffic or working at the markets to bring away the rubbish, shining shoes or if they are lucky driving or being the conductor on the matatus. Matatus are the dominant local public transport. Which you can view in the video.

Nairobi is home to many parks where citizens rich or poor can enjoy time with family and friends. Often you will see groups of people praying or discussing the bible. Christianity and Islam are the dominant religions in Nairobi.

Tourism is one of Kenya’s most important industries. Home to 17 national parks with the combined area the size of Switzerland. The national parks are home to elephants, lions, zebras, impalas, cheetahs, colobus monkeys, hippopotamuses, giraffes, leopards and many more animals. Kenya is also home to beautiful beaches with diving, snorkelling and wind-surfing possibilities.

Kenyans are proud of their country with respect to Kenya’s successful sportspeople, tasty fresh produce, impressive wildlife and most importantly Kenyans are proud to be free citizens of their republic.