Kalakar Trust

Principal local partner, India

The Kalakar Trust has been an integral part of the New Delhi cultural landscape to provide platforms for the traditional cultural arts of the Kalakar People. In 2012 The Kalakar Trust celebrated 20 years of success in providing young talented artists a place to train, refine and develop their performance arts.

This is a very important role in a rapidly developing urban landscape like New Delhi. India's economy is booming and development is happening at a very rapid pace. The Kalakar Trust ensures that people from marginalised sections of society can also benefit from the prosperity which India is experiencing. The Kalakar Trust provides avenues for education, employment and creative expression and development for people who otherwise would not have access to such activities.  

The Kalakar Trust has a long standing commitment to the impoverished community of the Kathputli Colony, New Delhi and supports the talented traditional artists in this community to preserve and promote their arts. The community has indigenous roots as nomadic folk artists and suffers from discrimination both ethnic and economic.

Over its 20 year history The Kalakar Trust has worked

extensively with international artists to explore innovative new artistic avenues.

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