About India

India is truly a country where anything is possible. As someone shared with me in India a certain statement is true and so is its exact opposite! Highways are shared between the latest luxury cars and donkeys transporting local rice harvests to town. Not to mention the cows, which are holy, and as such free to roam wherever they like.

India is a large country with diverse landscapes, languages and cultures. The North can be very cold in winter and the South experiences monsoon rains.

The country has the largest film industry in the world, and Indians regardless of wealth enjoy entertainment, movies, street theatre, commercial theatre and television. Art and artists are held in high regard and India has a long history and tradition of dance, song, poetry, theatre and many other art forms.

At anyone time there is so much happening in India so many people with so many inspirational ideas and enough entrepreneurs and risk takers to make them a reality.

At the same time the sheer volume of people means that the number of people living in poverty without adequate access to education, housing and hygiene is very high, and visible when visiting any town in India.

The majority of the population is Hindu and religion is a part of daily life, visits to the temple, prayers, and festivals honouring one or another God. There is also a significant part of the population which is Muslim, Christian and Buddhist. Indeed most religions are represented in India.