Glebe Youth Service

Our Mission

To development in Young People a sense of dignity and personal responsibility to achieve their goals and contribute positively to their community

Our Objectives

  • To provide community services for young people to reduce the effects of being disadvantaged
  • To assist individuals and groups of young people to access appropriate resources effectively and take action to meet needs.
  • To encourage youth to participate in planning and developing all activities of GYS
  • To inform, educate and resource local community about young people and their issues and concerns with a view to build community support for and participation in, initiatives to improve quality of life for young people.
  • To develop formal and informal networks with government/non-government NGO agencies in the metropolitan area for the purpose of developing and implementing strategies in the local community to assist young people who are disadvantaged.
  • To support and work with a range of organizations, workers and decision makers to assist in the co-ordination of servicesto young people at risk of poverty, sickness, suffering distress, misfortune, disability or helplessness.


Our Approach

To provide a safe and responsive environment where Young People are supported by trained and professional staff.

In Practice

GYS is funded by the Department of Community Services and the City of Sydney, with a number of other small grants and fundraising for specific programs.

Glebe Youth Service runs a range of programs for young people aged 12 to 24 who live, work or play in the Glebe area.

The primary target for our programs are the young disadvantaged people living on the Glebe Estate, a Department of Housing area that covers most of the bottom half of Glebe. These young people face a range of issues including poverty, family dysfunction, alcohol and other drug use, chronic school refusal and poor literacy leading to unemployment.

The majority of young people who use the service are Aboriginal, with the attendant disadvantages of poor health, over-representation within the legal system and other factors of social disadvantage.

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